Modernisation of Naschmarkt

In August 2010 a comprehensive modernisation of the Naschmarkt market area in central Vienna started. The revitalisation of the market will be completed in 2015. During this time the market will be open as usual.

Shopping at the Naschmarkt

Naschmarkt comprises about 120 market stalls that were built between 1910 and 1916. It has existed in its present size since 1919. After 100 years, fundamental modernisation measures have become necessary.

New water pipes and electricity lines and a waste compacting facility

All water pipes and electricity lines as well as the entire rainwater drainage and sewer system will be replaced. A modern waste compacting facility will make Naschmarkt more ecological and more cost-efficient. Waste disposal costs will be reduced significantly thanks to a massive reduction of the overall waste volume. Surface rehabilitation measures will ensure barrier-free access throughout the market area in the future. A new building for the transformer and for confiscated goods will be erected next to the waste disposal site. It will also accommodate the hazardous waste collection point of Municipal Department 48 - Waste Management, Street Cleaning and Municipal Vehicle (MA 48), as well as the office in charge of allocating places for the adjoining jumble sale (held on Saturdays) and authorising the erection of temporary market stalls in a separate part of the market.

All works involved will be commissioned by the Market Authority (Municipal Department 59) and Municipal Department 34 - Building and Facility Management (MA 34).

The modernisation plans were officially authorised in an economic feasibility assessment on 21 December 2009.

Temporary containers and comprehensive information for stallholders

Temporary containers will be made available to stallholders who are directly affected by the modernisation works. Some of them will take the opportunity to modernise their own stands at the same time.

Market fees will not be increased because of the modernisation. All parties involved will receive detailed written information on the exact plans and implementation steps. The City of Vienna Market Authority and the Chamber of Commerce jointly organised a comprehensive information event for stallholders.

Schedule and costs

The modernisation of Naschmarkt is scheduled for implementation from summer 2010 until 2015. According to the detailed plans, the total costs will amount to EUR 14,685,100. 3.3 million of the necessary budget will be contributed by the municipal district affected, the rest is financed via Municipal Department 59.

Facts and figures on the planned modernisation

According to the detailed modernisation plans,

  • 2,050 metres of sewer lines
  • 950 metres of water pipes
  • 5,750 metres of electricity lines

will be replaced. Concrete surfaces will also be renewed:

  • 1,400 square metres of concrete blocks and 2,930 square metres of concrete flooring will be removed and newly laid.
  • 15,047 tons of rubble will need to be removed.

Key data on Naschmarkt

As of 2010, Naschmarkt comprises 123 permanent market stalls in different types of ownership, as well as 35 places for temporary stalls (for farmers or traders) on a separate area called "Landparteienplatz".

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