Further information on restitution matters

  • General Settlement Fund
  • Holocaust Victims' Information and Support Center
    • The Holocaust Victims' Information and Support Center provides extensive information on all restitution matters.
  • Auslandsdienst
    • Alternative service for young male Austrians in peace work and social work abroad, especially at Holocaust memorials - information on the different forms of service abroad.
  • Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance
    • Main focus: resistance and persecution, exile, Nazi crimes, especially Holocaust and medical crimes, Nazi and post-war justice system, right-wing extremism after 1945, restitution and "making amends" after 1945. Database with the names of Austrian Holocaust victims.
  • erinnern.at (German)
    • The project "Nationalsozialismus und Holocaust: Gedächtnis und Gegenwart" (National Socialism and Holocaust: remembrance and present) was developed by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture as a teaching project for Austrian schools.
  • ESRA
    • The psycho-social centre ESRA (Hebrew for "help") was established in 1994 with the cooperation of the Jewish Community's social department and the City of Vienna. The centre provides medical care, therapy and social work for Shoah victims and their families.
  • Gedenkdienst (German)
    • Gedenkdienst is a politically independent, inter-denominational organisation engaged in educational work on the Holocaust, its causes and consequences. Special emphasis is placed on the role of Austrians as "perpetrators, victims and onlookers".
  • Jewish Community Vienna
    • The Jewish Community has the task to meet its members' religious needs in Vienna and Austria and to maintain and support institutions established for that purpose.
  • Jewish Welcome Service Vienna
    • The organisation is mainly engaged in international public relations for Jewish culture in Austria. In keeping with Viennese and Jewish cosmopolitan traditions the organisation wants to build bridges for the future, to overcome prejudices and promote understanding between Jews and non-Jews. Established in 1980 the Jewish Welcome Service carries out numerous projects for schools and adult education and prepares invitation programmes for Jews who were forced to flee from Vienna during the Nazi era. It also offers assistance with contacting authorities and other Jewish organisations.
  • Jewish Museum Vienna
    • The theme of remembrance is omnipresent in the Museum as it is a key to Jewish culture and permeates the Museum right down to the smallest detail. But remembering also means active confrontation. In addition to a permanent exhibition, the museum also presents numerous temporary exhibitions on Jewish history, religion and culture each year.
  • Kulturverein Österreichischer Roma (German)
    • The cultural association for Austrian Roma and Sinti in Vienna was established two years after the first Roma association was founded in Oberwart in 1989.
  • nachkriegsjustiz.at (German)
    • nachkriegsjustiz.at addresses judicial prosecution of Nazi criminals.
  • National Fund of the Republic of Austria
    • The National Fund was set up in 1995 as a gesture of the moral co-responsibility for the consequences of the Nazi regime in Austria. The National Fund still accepts applications.
  • Austrian State Archives
    • The Austrian State Archives are committed to preserving valuable cultural assets and documents. They are the central archives for the federal services of the Republic of Austria and their historical departments are the keepers of the archival heritage of the Habsburg empire.
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center
    • The Simon Wiesenthal Center was established in the USA in 1977 in remembrance of the Holocaust. It is committed to fighting anti-Semitism worldwide.
  • Tracing your ancestors in Vienna
  • Verein Roma (German)
    • Austria's first Roma association was established in 1989 with the aim to improve the unsatisfactory living conditions of this ethnic group in the long term.
  • Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna
    • The Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna are home to comprehensive documentation material on aryanisation and restitution. Files include documents related to the Vermögensentziehungs-Anmeldeverordnung (directive regarding the registration of seized assets), documents of the restitution commission at the provincial civil court, documents of the residence registration archives, documents of the commercial court, as well as land register certificates and land registers of the district courts. Also included are files on various aspects of the Nazi regime, files on Nazi medicine and the NSDAP. The Archives work in close cooperation with the General Settlement Fund and the Jewish Community, among others
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