Morzinplatz memorial site

The headquarters of the Gestapo of Vienna were located on Morzinplatz in what was once the Hotel Metropol and is today called Leopold-Figl-Hof. The Gestapo, the embodiment of Nazi terror, already moved into the building in 1938. The entrance for prisoners was situated in Salztorgasse where they were directly taken downstairs into the Gestapo prison. They were often tortured for weeks to obtain confessions. Many died or committed suicide as a result of the abuse, and many were sent to camps. Later, the Gestapo headquarters also organised deportation transports, which took Jews to the gas chambers.

Memorial site

Today a memorial site reminds us of the suffering of countless people. A relief on the main fašade of the building depicts the agony thousands of prisoners had to endure. Footprints that lead into the building through the back entrance of the Gestapo headquarters in Salztorgasse do not lead out of the building again.

Salztorgasse 6, 1010 Vienna
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The Federation of Concentration Camp Survivors held a meeting on 11 April 1951 where they erected and unveiled a memorial stone for the Gestapo victims that had been designed by the Federation. The memorial stone was erected without official authorisation and was later taken care of by the City of Vienna. A new memorial for the victims of the Nazi tyranny was unveiled by the "Austrian federations of concentration camp survivors and resistance fighters" instead of the memorial stone. A bronze sculpture and a block of granite from Mauthausen now symbolise the fate of the victims.

Morzinplatz, 1010 Vienna
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