Public WLAN on Danube Island

With Public WLAN, the Danube Island leisure area - a popular hot-spot for surfers in summer - has also become a prime location for surfing the internet. Users can access local information and benefit from free internet access.

Danube Island and new danube, Danube City in the background

The network consisting of 27 WLAN transmitting stations covers the area between two bridges, Floridsdorfer Brücke and Kaisermühlenbrücke. The area downstream of Brigittenauerbrücke, up to the location of Donauturm, is a quiet zone without WLAN.

Local information

Depending on where users connect to the wireless network, they are automatically directed to a landing page that provides information on their current location. For this purpose Danube Island was subdivided in five zones (areas). Local area information is available for each zone, including weather details, water temperatures, nearby drinking fountains, public toilets, swimming pontoons or first aid stations.

Registration is not required for this service.

Free internet access

The only thing you need to do to get general WiFi Internet access (i.e. not just access to local area information) is accepting the terms of use. Bandwidths and data volumes are limited in order to ensure the same high quality is available to as many users as possible.


New LED lighting

All of the lamps on Danube Island have been equipped with modern, energy-efficient LED technology, and by the end of 2012 Municipal Department 33 - Public Lighting- also completed the renewal of all remaining lamps on both banks of the Danube. Altogether, some 1,200 lamps on Danube Island and on the banks of the Danube have been switched to the modern alternative in what is Vienna’s first large-scale LED lighting project.

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