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State-of-the-art technology for the communication with the City Administration

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The task of Municipal Department 14 - Automated Data Processing, Information and Communications Technology is to provide internal EDP support for the City Administration and to establish direct contact with citizens through state-of-the-art technologies.

Internet and e-Government

Vienna takes a leading role in providing official services via the internet. The so-called Virtual Office is your contact for parking permits, citizenship certificates and marriage certificates. Here is also where you make the necessary appointments to have a passport issued at your local district office. Virtual services include public tenders for building developments and other projects, as well as discussion platforms and live transmissions of City Council and Provincial Government meetings. Ballot papers and trade licences may also be obtained online.

Electronic payment systems

The City of Vienna is working towards automated processing for most transactions between businesses, citizens and relevant municipal departments. Applications are to include all standard payment systems (such as cash payment at the clearance office, bank transfers, payment by credit card or via mobile phone).


The City's Geographic Information System ViennaGIS offers a comprehensive range of enduring geographic data and geographic service-infrastructure for the City Administration and industry as well as for citizens interested in geographic information. Over 30 municipal departments update the data regularly - such as data on topography, transport infrastructure and cultural history. Municipal Department 14 administrates these data and provides it via internet. More than 100.000 internet accesses per day account for the high interest in ViennaGIS.

ViennaGIS (German)

Population data

Vienna has 1.7 million inhabitants. MA 14 - Automated Data Processing, Information and Communications Technology - registers all figures pertaining to births, marriages, children per household and housing needs, amongst others. Information on our citizens is treated carefully and held in safe-keeping. 1.1 million people registered in more than 1.800 constituencies are entitled to vote. Vast quantities of data are processed rapidly by the department prior to elections and on election day itself.


The City of Vienna is responsible for more than 200,000 community-owned apartments on more than 2,000 residential estates. Applications for approximately 12,000 apartments annually have to be dealt with. Relevant administrative procedures are EDP supported.


400 schools in Vienna are linked via the internet: a high-frequency data network feeds approximately 14.000 PCs, 1.900 notebooks and 5.600 printers.

1.5 million media (books, CDs, DVDs, audio cassettes, VHS cassettes, PC software) are administered by the City of Vienna. MA 14 has networked the City's 40 public libraries and is in charge of the new central multimedia library.


There are live transmissions of City Council meetings and press conferences given by the Mayor available online. You may also access lists of speakers, urgency motions and current agendas via the internet. MA 14 provides the necessary technology equipment.

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