IT-Security of City of Vienna - WienCERT

WienCERT is the single point of contact for IT-Security related issues regarding the City of Vienna. It cooperates on national level,, CERT-Network Austria and on international level ie ICS-CERT, TF-CSIRT with other CERTs.

From organisational point of view the WienCERT resides within the Municipal Department 01- Information Technology (MA 01).

Offered services

WienCERT explicitly offers its service inside the City of Vienna, which are split into preventive and a reactive actions.

Support for other organizations or private persons is not offered. Exception to this are actions in the course of CERT-Network Austria.

Contact regarding IT-Security issues

In case, you have knowledge or guess about IT-Security vulnerabilities regarding the City of Vienna (e.g. on please get in contact with us at:

Please sentence "WienCERT" as the recipient.


For IT-Security related details we prefer PGP encrypted communication, please use our following PGP key:

  • User ID: WienCERT (WienCERT communication key) <>
  • Key ID: 0xD07B16FE
  • Key type: RSA
  • Key size: 4096
  • Expires: 2024-06-03
  • Fingerprint: E8BAC82141E41CDFA07EE4406838E3A0D07B16FE

This key can be found in the following file: 5 KB ASC

Further information - RFC 2350

RFC 2350 Description of WienCERT: 5 KB TXT

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Ines Fohringer (Municipal Department 14)
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