ICT for the City Administration

MA 14 core business

Municipal Department 14 - Automated Data Processing, Information and Communications Technology (MA 14) is a customer-oriented service provider committed to meeting citizens' demands. We support our customers, the municipal departments, in satisfying citizen needs.

State-of-the-art office jobs for the City of Vienna

man working on a server rack

We install, maintain and consult. We provide services for tens of thousands of employees on a daily basis. MA 14 repairs troubles and prepares training courses to keep members of staff on top of technical developments. Our help desk handles 45,000 requests per year.

Our job is to connect every PC to the World Wide Web and to make our information platform Intranet available for everyone at the City Administration. We currently look after more than 23,000 work stations, maintain approximately 10,800 printers and make sure more than 26,100 members of staff can be reached on the phone. The compact overall ICT system also allows for tailor-made individual solutions. We either develop the appropriate models or purchase them once we have found them suitable. Our experts are there to guarantee maximum security in the net.

We service and consult municipal departments but we also develop, purchase and install the relevant products, we run projects, expand the overall infrastructure, secure ICT operation 24 hours, seven days a week, and we procure ICT services.

IT projects

Before we launch major projects or supply the equipment needed for individual workplaces we prepare business process analyses for our customers to ensure optimum working procedures at acceptable costs.

Products for today's file management

We trust in modern file management. All documents, e-mails and graphic material are collected electronically and stored centrally in one place. Information may be accessed and processed by authorized members of staff from different departments. Files are moved from desk to desk per mouse click.

Operational management fit for the times

For modern city administrations to run efficiently their services must be measurable and transparent. The Vienna City Administration uses standard operational software SAP/R3 to keep an eye on costs, improve financial control and material management, automate procurement and make multiple data collection a thing of the past.

Security and availability

Our services for ICT supported workplaces are available 24 hours, seven days a week. MA 14 also supplies the necessary infrastructure, including data network, software, operating systems, hardware equipment and system management.

Telecommunications for the City Administration

Linking ICT and telephone systems has opened up a world of synergies. Since 2002 MA 14 is also responsible for telecommunications with the City Administration. We service a high-capacity telephone infrastructure with more than 26,100 extensions, as well as 15,900 mobile telephones.

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