Roads, paths and squares - ways to implement gender mainstreaming

Crossing near the Vienna State Opera after the road reconstruction

With new plans of roads, paths and squares will be made to the needs of women, men, older people, young people and people with limited mobility consideration to increase road safety for pedestrians and pedestrians and the quality of stay in public spaces.

Gender aspects in road safety

  • Sidewalks
    • Minimum sidewalk widths as large as possible, at least two meters
    • Pavement subsidence in the crossing regions, heel height of about three centimetres
    • Sidewalk Shifts for more mounting surfaces and a better view.
  • Safety
    • Lane divider for large or heavy traffic lane widths to allow the secure cross the road in two stages
    • Roadway increases as speed brakes, and for the same level crossing of intersections
    • Fewer bottlenecks, for example loading areas, traffic signs, street furniture, masts
  • Public transportation
    • bottlenecks to traffic in the bus stations, so pedestrian can safely cross the road.
    • Wider stops

Gender aspects in relation to the quality of stay

  • Sufficiently large areas for pedestrian traffic
  • Attractively designed floor coverings, especially in the pedestrian zones
  • More seating to relax and disengagement
  • Less anxiety spaces through better lighting
  • Drinking fountain
  • Measures for the "playing on away", for example dribbler, smarties
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