What is Gender Mainstreaming?

  • "Gender", as opposed to the biological sex, is the social dimension, it is what we have been brought up to be and how society has shaped us. Considering the gender dimension means to not limit ourselves to the stereotyped categories of "all women" and "all men", but rather to consider the diversity and individuality of all people.
  • "Mainstreaming" means that the different life situations of women and men are taken into consideration in all decisions, be they in the fields of management, products, publicity work, human resources or organisation.

Gender mainstreaming differs from programmes for the promotion of women mainly in its perspective - gender mainstreaming is preventive work, while the promotion of women’s issues "patches" problems that already exist in society.

What are the objectives?

  • Consider the different life situations of women and men in all decisions.
  • Gear opportunities and general conditions towards both women and men.
  • Create spaces for women and men in our city.
  • Give women and men a sense of security.
  • Distribute chances, opportunities and responsibilities equally.

How can gender mainstreaming be implemented?

  • Evaluate and consider all users of public services and their different needs.
  • Consider not only gender, but also social, ethnic, and health-related differences.
  • Adapt the products and services provided by the City Administration.
  • Gender equality can no longer remain a fringe topic, but has to become an integrated part of all processes, measures, and of quality management.


  • Increased planning accuracy
  • Quality and effectiveness of measures
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