Obtaining Austrian Citizenship by Extension

Spouses/civil partners

Austrian citizenship may be extended to spouses/civil partners if

  • they have been living in the same household for at least five years
  • they have a legal title to stay in Austria at the time of application, or official right to asylum, or hold a valid identification card (Legitimationskarte),
  • they can prove a minimum of six years of legal and continuous stay in Austria and
  • have been married/in a civil partnership for at least five years.


Citizenship for minors and unmarried children may be extended to

  • the alien’s children born in or out of wedlock (with further possibility of extending citizenship to the daughter’s children born out of wedlock), or
  • the alien’s adopted children.

At the time of application, the children must either have legal residence in Austria or official right to asylum, or a valid identification card (Legitimationskarte).

Minority is not a requirement for children with disabilities, provided that

  • the disabilities suffered are substantial (medical health officer’s report required) or
  • the child lives in the same household with the parent responsible for extension of citizenship, or that parent has the obligation to care for the child.
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