Documents required for obtaining Austrian Citizenship

The following list is for general reference only. Documents required for individual applications are assessed in personal interviews based on the applicant’s personal data.

Documents in languages other than German must be submitted with a German translation by a certified (court) translator. Any convictions or court orders (foreign ones included) require a certificate of indefeasibility in addition to the translation.

Required Documents

  • please note that you have to submit applications in writing and in person
  • for persons 14 years and up: comprehensive curriculum vitae containing, in particular, places of residence since birth, school education, vocational training and career, as well as personal circumstances
  • passport-sized photograph
  • documents of civil status (certificate of birth, certificate of marriage, death certificate of spouse where applicable, non-appealable divorce decrees, proof of previous marriages)
  • official ruling of name change, proof of reacceptance of former family name
  • non-appealable court decision granting adoption
  • proof of academic degree obtained abroad or in the country
  • proof of recognition as political refugee under the Geneva Refugee Convention or the Austrian Asylum Act (Asylgesetz)
  • proof of citizenship (valid passport, certificate of nationality) except for refugees recognised under the Geneva Refugee Convention or the Austrian Asylum Act (Asylgesetz)
  • all documents authorising your stay since you entered the country (including document/s proving since when you have been resident in Austrian)
  • proof of residence in Austria: most recent registration, for holders of identification cards proof of registration in Austria issued by the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • extract from the register of convictions (certificate of good conduct, police clearance certificate) from those countries (except for Austria and Germany) where the applicant has spent more than six months. You must provide documentation for the last 20 years, from 14 years of age and up. Refugees recognised under the Geneva Refugee Convention or the Austrian Asylum Act do not need to submit this documentation, provided they still have reason to fear continued persecution in their home country.
  • proof of secure income during the past three years
  • proof of insurance periods to date in Austria
  • proof of legal representation of minors (following the parents’ divorce), court decision on legal representation
  • proof that the applicant fulfils the requirements regarding command of the German language in accordance with module 2 of the Integration Agreement under article 14/5/2-5 and 7 of the Austrian Law on Residence and Settlement of Foreigners (Niederlassungs- und Aufenthaltsgesetz - NAG).
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