Granting citizenship for extraordinary achievements

Art 10 (6) – a constitutional regulation – of the Austrian Citizenship Act (StbG) stipulates as follows:

The conditions pursuant to (1) (1) and (7) as well as (3) do not apply if the federal government confirms that the granting of citizenship to the applicant is in the interest of the Republic of Austria due to her/his extraordinary past or prospective achievements.

Therefore the following general conditions for the granting of citizenship do not apply in this case (granting of citizenship pursuant to Art 10 (6) StbG):

  • Uninterrupted legal residence
  • Proof of German language skills
  • Knowledge of the democratic system and history of Austria and Vienna
  • Sufficient means of subsistence
  • Renunciation of current citizenship

Specific reason

The federal government must specify in detail the type of extraordinary past or prospective achievements of the applicant and why this is in the interest of the Republic of Austria.

Only extraordinary achievements that cannot be attained by other persons of the same education and training and are in the special interest of the Republic of Austria fulfil the conditions of Art 10 (6) StbG.


Please phone to make an appointment for your application. Your contact, Ms Renate Biczo, can be reached at phone +43 1 4000 35141.

Information about fees

Application fees

  • Application and granting of citizenship for adults - EUR 110
  • Application and granting of citizenship for minors - EUR 60

Please note that you have to pay this lump sum fee in any case irrespective of the outcome of your application.

Additional fees may occur, for example, for additional documents such as repeated applications, statements, etc.

Other fees

The fee for the official notification document granting citizenship is at EUR 1,276.80 (i.e. federal fee of EUR 976.80 and administrative fee of EUR 300).

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