Current residence abroad - granting of Austrian citizenship

If you currently reside abroad you must meet the following conditions (along with general naturalisation requirements) to be granted Austrian citizenship:

  • You are married to an Austrian citizen who works for an Austrian (public) authority and whose workplace is located abroad, or
  • you are rendering exceptional services in the interest of the Republic, or
  • you used to be an Austrian citizen and are now divorced or widowed, or
  • you used to be a citizen of one of the successor states of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy or you were a stateless person, or
  • the applicant is a minor born out of wedlock to an Austrian parent who lives abroad, or
  • the applicant is a minor with an Austrian parent who lives abroad, or
  • the applicant is a minor and the adoptive parent is an Austrian citizen who lives abroad, or
  • you had your primary residence in Austria before 9 May 1945 and left Austria together with your spouse-to-be who gained Austrian citizenship by declaration or was granted Austrian citizenship for reasons of (expected) persecution by authorities of the Third Reich due to her/his commitment to the democratic Republic of Austria.

Regaining Austrian citizenship by declaration

Former Austrians who were forced to leave Austria for racist or political reasons before 9 May 1945 may regain Austrian citizenship by declaration.

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