Vienna Central Station goes into partial operation

Computer generated image of the new Central Station

On 9 December 2012, the first part of Vienna Central Railway Station was opened. As the new rail schedule takes effect, four rail tracks with platforms and a trough track are used for local passenger trains. The other parts of the new station, built on the site of the former Südbahnhof and Ostbahnhof stations, will come into operation from December 2014.

Local passenger trains stop at Vienna Central Station

The rapid transit line (Schnellbahn) S80 is to cross Vienna from Hirschstetten via the new Central Station to Wiener Neustadt. S60 trains, coming from Bruck an der Leitha, equally stop at the Central Station before going on to Hütteldorf and beyond. Originally, both rapid transit lines had their terminal station at the temporary Ostbahnhof station, which was closed down as the new station takes over. Passengers no longer have to change trains here. In the future, regional express trains from Bratislava to Deutschkreutz equally stop at Vienna Central Station.

Full operation from 2014

Construction works on the remaining parts of the station will continue in the meantime: the northern passenger hall, six more platforms on both sides of the station, and a new shopping centre are scheduled for completion during the next two years. In September 2014 - three months before the station's full opening - about 100 shops on a surface of 20,000 m2 will open their doors to customers.

From December 2014, Vienna Central Station will equally be part of the long-distance rail network. In 2015, once the entire project is completed, the station will be served by trains into all directions.

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