Vienna Central Station

Computer generated image of the new Central Station

In December 2009, Südbahnhof was closed to make way for an unparalleled project in urban development: the construction of "Vienna Central Station".

Construction works to replace the old Südbahnhof with a new Central Railway Station and to build a new residential area will last until 2015. The works will affect parts of the 3rd, 4th and 10th district located between Wiedner Gürtel, Arsenalstraße, Gudrunstraße and Sonnwendgase.

Bahnhof Wien Meidling

Throughout the construction works of the Central Station, Bahnhof Wien Meidling partly replaces Südbahnhof: long distance trains covering the Southern route which so far have left from and arrived at Wien Südbahnhof, depart from and arrive at Wien Meidling. The majority of the Southern route’s local trains continue to be part of the regular S-Bahn rail services. Optimum continuation from Bahnhof Wien Meidling is guaranteed by the numerous S-Bahn lines, Underground line U6 (station Philadelphiabrücke), trams and buses and the Wiener Lokalbahn (Vienna Local Rail).

The S-Bahn will stay in operation throughout construction

The closing down of Südbahnhof has no effect on the regular S-Bahn lines. The S-Bahn trains and local trains on the regular line from Wien Meidlung to Wien Floridsdorf maintain their present routes with a few exceptions. These apply to trains of lines S1, S2, S3, S5, S6, S7 and S9 as well as to REX and the regional trains. The station "Wien Südbahnhof (S-Bahn)" also remains in operation. It is provided with provisional accesses from Schweizer Garten. Tram stops of tram lines Nos. 18 and O were moved and stop next to the provisional S-Bahn stop Südbahnhof at Schweizer Garten.

Information offensive

Austrian Rail ÖBB and the City of Vienna have launched an information offensive to provide citizens with comprehensive information about the mega project.

  • 95 559 - Infoline Strasse und Verkehr (German) - for telephone advice services
  • Commuters were provided with a passenger brochure including all the details with regard to changes in the railway schedule;
  • At Bahnhof Meidling Wiener Linien are ready for the increased volume in commuters in order to provide for rapid and smooth continuation.

Figures, schedules and facts about this major project in urban construction

Total area of the project: approximately 109 hectares

Traffic and infrastructure

  • Direct transport connections to eleven S-Bahn lines, Underground line U1 (Südtiroler Platz), tram lines D, O, 18, Bus lines 13A and 69A and regional buses
  • Five roofed-over island platforms/ten platforms
  • Car park and bicycle park, car ports for the disabled, taxi stands, et cetera.
  • Shopping centre with approximatly 100 shops and a range of restaurants

New residential area

Visualisation of the new Sonnwendviertel

Sonnwendviertel with Helmut-Zilk-Park

  • 59 hectares between Wiedner Gürtel, Sonnwendgasse, Gudrunstraße and Arsenalstraße, including 8 hectares of park
  • Mixed utilization: approximatly 5,000 apartments for 13,000 residents, offices, trade and services operations, hotel, school and kindergarten on the school campus


  • 2009 December 13, Closing down of Südbahnhof (Südbahn)
  • 2010 Start of construction works - rail and infrastructure project
  • 2011
    • Adaptation Gürtel
    • Start of construction of first apartment and office buildings
  • 2012 in December partial operation of the new Central Station
  • 2013/2014
    • Gradual operation of traffic station
    • Completion of first apartments and one section of the park
  • 2015 Completion of entire rail project, full operation

Photo gallery

View from above on the central station construction site, roof structure and construction equipment

From the bahnorama viewing tower you can have a bird's eye view of Vienna's future Central Station.

a metal bridge being built at central station, construction equipment and workers in safety vests

A supporting frame for the new bridge was put into place via an assembly rail track and subsequently lifted onto the bridge pier.

plattform at the new Central station

On 9 December 2012, the first part of Vienna Central Railway Station was opened.

Visualisation of the new school campus

The school campus will open in fall 2014.

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