Funding in 2013 - Focus on multilingualism

In 2013 Municipal Department 17 - Integration and Diversity (MA 17) invites associations and initiatives to develop and submit projects and ideas regarding "multilingualism".

The City of Vienna supports non-profit projects, measures and initiatives with a maximum amount of EUR 5,000 per year if they implement the following focuses: raising public awareness on the advantages and benefits of multilingualism to enhance the appreciation of multilingualism in the general public.

The basic idea is to increase the appreciation of multilingualism and raise awareness on the equality of languages among people with German and non-German mother tongues.

Some examples

  • Joint projects of associations from different cultural backgrounds
    • Multilingual readings for children and/or young people - How does the story sound in my/your first language?
    • Tandem language learning - studying languages in the framework of cultural exchange
    • Competitions in different languages, languages quizzes
    • Language taster classes, e.g. learning frequently used phrases as introduction to a new language
    • Workshops for people who work with multilingual groups (e.g. football coaches, youth workers in parks) - How do I deal with multilingualism in my group?
  • Working with parents on the importance of the first language and multilingualism
  • Supporting multipliers in distributing information on multilingualism in hospitals, schools, and business organisations
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