Strategies and guidelines of international activities

Focus on core interests

Vienna's international activities focus on strengthening Vienna's position as competence centre for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE); providing incentives for international businesses to set up their headquarters in Vienna; creating jobs by internationalising Vienna's economy; promoting incoming tourism; and positioning the city's renowned and acknowledged urban technologies and strategies on international markets.

Focus on priority markets

Target markets in Europe

Vienna puts its priority on close relations with countries in Central and Eastern Europe since these are of particular political and economic importance for the City. Historical ties and geographical closeness facilitate the establishment of long-term and sustainable relations. Vienna runs a network of eleven representative offices in the region. In addition to Central and Eastern Europe Germany and Turkey are regarded as priority markets.

Target markets overseas

Vienna also actively pursues its interests in selected markets overseas, e.g. in the United States, Japan, the Middle East, and the Gulf Region. Potential future markets in fields such as foreign trade, direct investment, cultural export and tourism are continuously evaluated.

Position paper "Vienna 2016"

In 2006, on initiative of Mayor Michael Häupl, a position paper entitled "Vienna 2016" was prepared by the City Administration in cooperation with a number of external partners as guideline for Vienna's international activities. The position paper also covers the main objectives of Vienna's international activities until 2016.

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