Recreation with Mother Nature


The Lobau is one of the most beautiful recreational areas near the city. It is also one of the last remaining wetland areas in Europe still intact. The name Lobau actually means water wood. This water wood is divided into the upper and lower Lobau. The Lobau is part of the Danube wetlands east of Vienna which are now protected as a national park - Nationalpark Donau-Auen. One of the last remaining wetland areas in Europe has thus been preserved. A diversity of animal and plant species, manifold natural sceneries, as well as attractive educational and leisure-time activities are yours to discover.

The Lobau, approximately 2,300 hectares in size, is Vienna’s largest contribution to the national park, covering as it does 24 percent of the park’s total area.

Special management schemes have ensured long-term protection for the national park. Along with protecting species and their habitat, recreational use and environmental education constitute major aspects of park management. The Vienna Forestry Office has devised a navigation system to help visitors enjoy their leisure time while abiding by the rules of nature protection. There is a wide range of facilities awaiting visitors to the Lobau.

Leisure-time facilities in the Lobau

A well-marked network of hiking and cycle paths takes you through the exceptional scenery of the Lobau. There is a bike rental at Ostbahnbrücke (bus stop Lobau bus line 91A).

Join a guided tour through the park to find out more about wetlands and their eco-system. For nature fans there is the unique opportunity to get a close-up view of Lobau during a half-day trip on the national park boat. The boat leaves at Salztorbrücke in the city to arrive right at the Lobau.

How to reach the national park entrances

  • Saltenstraße: bus line 93A to Lobaugasse, ten minutes walk
  • Panozzalacke: bus line 91A to Lobgrundstraße
  • Dechantlacke: bus line 91A to Roter Hiasl
  • Esslinger-Furt: bus line 98A to Auernheimgasse/Kirschenallee, five minutes walk from there
  • Egerer Brücke, Kasernenbrücke, Uferhaus: bus line 26A to Groß-Enzersdorf, five minutes walk to Egerer Brücke, 15 minutes to Kasernenbrücke, 20 minutes to Uferhaus

Recreation with Mother Nature

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