Tramway Museum Vienna

Tram Nr. 244 in use in Vienna until 1931

The tram museum, founded in 1986, has a large collection of documents and original vehicles (trams, city railway and buses) used in urban transport in Vienna. Most vehicles have been restored and are in working order. Over 90 such vehicles are housed in a former tramway garage built at the turn of the nineteenth century when electric-driven trams came on the scene. Documents, a movie and old photographs show the history of public transport in Vienna including a decree of 1938, after the Nazi "Anschluss", ordering vehicles to drive on the right hand side of the road instead of the left. Exhibits include many trams that were in service right up until the 1970s with wooden seats and a cubicle at the back for the conductor to punch tickets. Trams like the Number 5 were built in 1921 and were given glass windows in 1929.

After the Second World War the communications network was largely destroyed including trams and rail track. Raw materials were in short supply but Austria benefited from the Marshall Plan and received aid. With this it was possible to buy 42 trams from the city of New York where they had been withdrawn in 1948. The trams proved rather awkward to transport to Europe and assembly and training for the drivers took time. By 1950 the first rides took place on the "Americans" as they were nicknamed by the Viennese. The trams were operational only on certain lines in the North of Vienna since they were unusually wide. They proved to be highly popular and were equipped with comfortable, upholstered seats that are unrivalled even today. The "Americans" were finally withdrawn in 1969 but one still has pride of place in the museum. A tram that had started its days in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan has found worthy retirement in the Vienna tram museum.

Other stars in the museum include a horse-drawn tram of 1868, a steam tram from 1885/6 and a fleet of buses dating from 1949 to 1987.

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Vienna Tram Museum
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Open every weekend and on public holidays from May until October from 10am to 5pm.

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